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1.     What is a SOC container?
SOC (A shipper-owned container) is a freight shipping container owned by an independent individual or business (not carrier)

2.     Which shipment needs to use SOC container?
·       Stuffing/Unstuffing goods takes a long time
·       Shipping to remote locations

3.     What is benefits of SOC container?
yes Control of cost
DEM & DET cost: You avoid unexpected demurrage and detention costs as you are not obligated to move and/or return the containers to and from the carrier within a certain time frame.
SOC Promotion Rate: Carriers sometimes offer a cheaper rate for bookings using SOC Containers. They are the property of the shipper who only needs to pay the carrier for a slot in ships.

yes Control of container availability
With SOC containers the shipper does not need to worry about container availability. This can be especially useful during the peak seasons when there’s a lack of empty containers in the market.
yes Control of container quality
The SOC container is only used for particular types of items. It will prevent damage and deterioration of items during transportation.

4.     What should we do if we want to use a SOC container but don't want to spend a lot of money to buy it?
The answer is you can rent it. There are currently various units that provide high-quality SOC containers. You can absolutely use SOC containers to ship your goods. With a rental period of up to 90 days, it is ideal for long distance route such as from Vietnam to the US, Canada. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.





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